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Stunning virtual 3D presentations of your machine through the use of a VR device or in-browser via high-quality graphics; VISARD is continuously revolutionizing the industry with ground-breaking technologies.

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Client Cases

Mediseal BE3 + P3
Packaging machine

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Machine type: Packaging
Client needs: Optimize trade show budget
Solution: Virtual Reality application

VISARD has made it possible for Mediseal to showcase their machine across the globe, without having to input the usually required effort of transporting a large machine. So, now they can promote their entire product range virtually.

Grinding machine

Industry: Tool Machines
Machine type: Cylindrical grinding
Client needs: Showcasing hidden functionality
Solution: Virtual Reality presentation

By using Samsung GearVR glasses, you can start the machine, and see how it works from different perspectives, enjoy a guided tour and discover hidden processes to understand the technology.

Seidenader Track & Trace
Aggregation, serialization and packaging system

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Machine type: Aggregation, serialization and packaging
Client needs: Expand portfolio for promotion
Solution: Virtual Reality application

The current project is a continuation for Seidenader VR app development to expand their portfolio by adding the Pallet and Case Unit to the machine to demonstrate their interaction.

Inspection machine and handling system

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Machine type: Inspection
Client needs: New ways to reach new clients
Solution: Web application

For the DE.SY.RE machine, a web application was developed to make it possible to view the machine 24/7 and on any browser. Thus, a lot of new leads could potentially be gathered through this solution.

Seidenader Item Unit
Serialization Item Unit

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Machine type: Serialization
Client needs: HQ pictures
Solution: Photorealistic renderings

VISARD created photorealistic renderings based on the previously used VR applications, and it can now be utilized for product brochures, PDFs and displayed on the website.

Seidenader V90+
Semi-automatic inspection machine

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Machine type: Aggregation, serialization and packaging
Client needs: Expand portfolio for promotion
Solution: Virtual Reality application

Now Seidenader could also add the V90 model to their already existing VR showroom to showcase all of the machines together.

Inspection machine

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Machine type: Inspection machine
Client needs: Promotional videos
Solution: Photorealistic 3D animation

The most engaging content for social media is a video. The best way to create it for complex machinery is by using 3D visualization and animation.

inspection machine

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Machine type: Inspection machine
Client needs: Updates for new machine model
Solution: Web application

Using the previous model of the DE.SY.RE machine, the new updates which are included in the latest model could be applied easily. Moreover, it means that the new machine could be showcased to their clients the next day.

Seidenader DS12+
Sorting machine

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Machine type: Thickness sorting for tablets
Client needs: Expand portfolio for promotion
Solution: Virtual Reality application

3D visualization and animation for one more machine to be used as in presentations, flyers, and promotional videos.



Amazing quality of 3D Visualization makes a stunning impression. Your digital machine looks like real!


VISARD Virtual Vault provides advanced data security to keep your information and technologies safe.


VISARD's solutions enable you to show your products anytime and anywhere. Our 3D Visualization Platform makes all your machines fit in your hand luggage.


Only 789€/month to launch a Web3D project for your first machine virtualization. Customers who order more than one qualify for special deals!

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How It Works

Your Data Input

Industrial 3D Visualization Data

Blueprints, photos, videos and 3D model files about the object.

3D Visualization Data Processing

Data Processing

We provide high-quality 3D modeling, visualization, animation and programming

web 3d

Interactive 3D by VISARD

Embed provided HTML code to your website


VR Software Development

Install provided VR software on your computer

Our Clients

By using the 3D goggles at trade shows, we save money on the substantial transport costs for our machines. Already, after two trade shows, the investment is returned. Last but not least, the use of this solution reflects Seidenaders positioning as an industry-leading innovator
Christian Gamperl,
Head of Marketing,
Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH
Our customers experience our products on our website as realistically as on-site in a store thanks to VISARD’s 3D renderings.
Marc Wallowy,
Global Marketing Director EMEA,
Canadian Solar Inc.
We see ourselves as an innovative media company. VISARD’s technology supports this claim. In cooperation with VISARD, we will bring the first 3D VR content to German television in 2016.
Jens Schmohl,
Editor In Chief,
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
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