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Highly detailed digital copy of industrial machine or equipmentMachine 3D Visualisation
Cryptographically secured information exchange and storage system to protect your CAD dataVISARD Virtual Vault
Animated functionality of machinery, responsive to interactionAnimation
WEB3D Features
High-performance servers to store the data for interactive Web3D objects for reliable world-wide availabilityCloud Storage***
Detailed traffic and behaviour data (e.g. points of interest) directly to Google Analytics or PowerBIAnalytics & Statistics
Popup form appears during a presentation to catch your leadLead Gen Form
Get your distinctive corporate design for your Web3D showroomCustom Branding
Get leads from your Virtual Showroom from your browser transferred directly to your CRM CRM Integration
Real-time conversations with your virtual showroom visitorsLive Chat
VR Features
Get your individual corporate design for your VR showroomCustom Branding
Step-by-step guided tour for inexperienced VR usersTutorial
Walk freely around your machine by wearing your VR glasses Room Scale
Skeletal input technology to animate virtual avatar handsDigital Hands
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*The provided prices are a non-binding approximation. The final cost of the project will be revealed only after a detailed estimation by VISARD.

**Minimum contract duration is 12 months.

***Additional payment for Cloud Hosting may apply depending on the number of monthly site visitors.

VISARD‘s Visualization Platform offers scalable 3D and VR applications without large upfront investment – accessible to small and big companies.

Simply choose your desired solution, the size of your machine, and which feature options you would like to include.

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