Confidentiality of customer’s data is incredibly important to us. Protection of corporate information is a main priority for our company.

Our sustainable ISMS (Information Security Management System) follows the latest international practices according to the ISO / IEC 27001 standard, which includes internal auditing and constant updates to daily demands.

At all stages we take care of data privacy:

1. Customers Data Input

  • Application for easy to use and zero risk data sending through the Internet
  • Data encryption before uploading, featuring a hybrid cryptosystem
  • Directional one-way data transfer through a secure channel and transitional server

The transfer of information from the client includes a number of potentially unsafe processes; therefore, in addition to secure channels, we have implemented the hybrid cryptosystem. This excess approach eliminates information leakage, even if the symmetric key was compromised and the data was intercepted before transmission. As we provide a second cryptographic level, it is only possible to decrypt data exclusively on our file server, which is in a network that is protected and isolated from the Internet.

2. Corporate security and isolated network

  • Disconnected from the Internet: working spaces, network and data storages.
  • Internal security processes make unauthorized data access impossible.

Information leakage from our network is impossible through disconnected workstations and data storage. A dedicated security expert ensures continuous compliance with our guidelines.

3. Streaming technology

  • Download protection for Web 3D content through streaming technology

Provided Web 3D product (content) is protected through innovative streaming technology, so it is impossible to download your models.
Our customized hosting server provides rendering and interactive video streaming for optimal interaction speeds. It is not possible to access the source data via the Internet.

We are assessing and avoiding potential risk to keep your data safe.

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