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Photorealistic Digital environment

3D visualization with precise modeling, detailed texturing and natural lighting - all you need for immersive effect

Extended Interaction Opportunity

All the components of the VR object can be treated independently, and any functionality can be animated and trigger the machine to start working accordingly.

Walk Around - Don’t Stay!

Put your VR device where enough space as immersive reality by VISARD allows walking freely inside or using a controller to teleport yourself inside the VR.

Step-by-step Guided Tour

Visualized and/or voiced tips with or without a mentor for newcomers to clarify what to do in VR simulation.

Emphasizing important components

Highlighted elements even inside the complex object with "X-ray" feature is the best way to attract the attention of the user.

VR Development Solutions for Industrial Companies

VISARD VR development platform created specifically for heavy industrial companies and engineering products manufacturers. Using cutting-edge digital 3D technologies, we simplify promo activity, improve marketing budget efficiency, improve training, and accelerate the learning of complex technological machinery and equipment.

VR Showroom

Combine your portfolio, by putting it into one virtual reality environment to impress your prospective customers with photorealistic digital replicas of your machines.

VR Training

Learning by doing in virtual reality is highly effective way to begin working with any type of new machine, regardless of how complicated or risky it is in reality


The most prominent technology employed by VISARD is the cross-platform 3D engine Unity. This virtual reality engine is known in the industry for creating like-life animation and interaction, so you’ll be receiving the best virtual reality experience. Moreover, VISARD VR Development Platform makes your machine’s digital copy easily accessible by integrating it into a web browser or mobile app.




Oil Refinery


Food Processing



Trying to deliver the best VR development service as possible Industrial 3D Visualization Platform VISARD was created. Comparing to the regular virtual reality development agencies our platform provides "ready-to-go" project planes with approximate pricing and feature kits. Our approach allows us to provide an industrial company complete effective solution, which closes its basic needs. Notably, the main advantage is we provide VR application and support for a client during the entire duration of the subscription, to ensure it works and functions properly.

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Our Clients

Our customers experience our products on our website as realistically as on-site in a store thanks to VISARD’s 3D Renderings.
Marc Wallowy,
Global Marketing Director EMEA,
Canadian Solar Inc.
We see ourselves as an innovative media company. VISARD’s technology supports this claim. In cooperation with VISARD we will bring the first 3D VR content to German television in 2016.
Jens Schmohl,
Editor In Chief,
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
By using the 3D goggles at trade shows, we economise on the substantial transport costs for our machines. Already after two trade shows the investment is amortised. Last but not least, the use of this solutions reflects Seidenaders positioning as an industry-leading innovator.
Christian Gamperl,
Head of Marketing,
Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH
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