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Guaranteed Lead Generation Tool for Complex Engineering
Machines and Equipment

Fast Loading

Our innovative 3D streaming technology enables content to quickly load in real-time

Browser Friendly

Works in most browsers, including IE. No plugins are necessary

Easy Setup

Quickly embed your Web3D presentation into your current website

CRM Integration

Track the leads from your Web3D showroom by connecting to a CRM system



Showcase Unlimited Products

Put as many machines as you want to demonstrate in a single showroom

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Presentation can be watched on PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones

Guided Tour

Step-by-step presentation shows your machine’s entire range of functionality

Download Protection

3D models used in WebVR are protected against unauthorized downloads

Web3D Showroom | VISARD


Move Freely Around the Object

Walk around, get up close, and inspect the machine from every angle

Interact with Objects

Activate machine processes, move components, and perform countless other actions

Highlight Key Components

Focus the user’s attention on the machine’s vital parts

3D Showroom Development | VISARD


Detailed and Realistic Demonstrations

High-quality visualization shows a life-like machine

X-ray Mode

Show invisible processes that are impossible to see with the naked eye

Choose from a Variety of Backgrounds

Set the showroom’s style to create a great ambiance

WEB 3D Showroom Development | VISARD

Lead Generation

Lead Gen Form

Allows your prospective customers to share their contact info with you during the presentation

Analytics & Statistics

Connect with Google Analytics to track your visitors’ progress inside the demo

Live Chat for Immediate Contact

Company representatives can directly communicate with customer during demo

Digitalize Your Sale Process in 4 Steps

image/svg+xml SALE 4 DEMO SHOWROOM Get Higher Engagement 1 CONTACT Lead Generation 2 PRESALE MEETING Sale Assistant Video Call 3


Economic Pricing

Only 789€/month to launch a Web3D project for your first machine virtualization. Customers who order more than one qualify for special deals!

Advanced Security

Our Virtual Vault solutions ensure that your data is safe and protects your technologies from unauthorized access.

Pay as You Go

Our transparent payment plans let you stay on budget and stay flexible.

Hosted Service

Our high-speed hosting is always available, even for the most demanding traffic.

  • Economic Pricing
  • Advanced Security
  • Pay as You Go
  • Hosted Service



VISARD Lead Generation Tool can be integrated with most popular CRM systems, so the leads from your landing page will automatically register in your database.


Our interactive solutions function on almost every type of website platform. As long as your site is up to date, you’re good to go. Simply place our code on your landing page.

If you can't see the right integration, please, contact us to share your requirements.

Our Clients

Our customers experience our products on our website as realistically as on-site in a store thanks to VISARD’s 3D Renderings.
Marc Wallowy,
Global Marketing Director EMEA,
Canadian Solar Inc.
We see ourselves as an innovative media company. VISARD’s technology supports this claim. In cooperation with VISARD we will bring the first 3D VR content to German television in 2016.
Jens Schmohl,
Editor In Chief,
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
By using the 3D goggles at trade shows, we economise on the substantial transport costs for our machines. Already after two trade shows the investment is amortised. Last but not least, the use of this solutions reflects Seidenaders positioning as an industry-leading innovator.
Christian Gamperl,
Head of Marketing,
Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH
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