Should I Use Web3D or 360 Panorama for my Browser Showroom?

You’ve built some awesome machines, you’ve developed a great website, and you’re ready to use it to show the world your latest equipment. But you’re wondering: what’s the best way to showcase my unique products?

There are two main routes that you can take here: Web3D or 360 Panorama. Each of these have some advantages and disadvantages.

360 Panorama

In a 360 Panorama, also known as virtual tour, the viewer is set in the middle of a cube that has 2D images projected onto it. This creates a pseudo-3D effect.

One major benefit of 360 Panorama is that it is easier to produce. This technology is older and less sophisticated, and so it takes less time and effort.

For the same reasons, it’s a smaller file size and requires less processing power to function. On the off chance that you or your customer is running older or weaker machines, then you might want to use 360 Panorama.

There are, however, some major detractions. Foremost, since it’s a compilation of 2D images, there’s no actual depth. This leads to distortions in the image, which can be especially detrimental when it comes to complex machinery.

Not only does the lighting have to be perfect for it to turn out, but you also have to turn off the machines. This means that you’ll never be able to get an action shot that shows off just how your equipment works.

On top of all this, this old technology is actually quite expensive.


Web3D, on the other hand, only loses marks on a few categories. It is also somewhat expensive, and, of course, it has a bigger file size because it contains so much more information.

As it is more comprehensive and detailed, it also takes more work to create.

That hard work, however, has a much larger ROI for many reasons. First, this genuine 3D rendering of your machinery has more depth and can actually reproduce real physical locations and equipment.

An interactive 3D presentation easily pays for itself because it has so many more use-cases. You can put it on your website or even bring it with you to a trade show to implement in a virtual showroom.

Finally, many companies prefer 3D visualization because it’s the way of the future. Businesses don’t want to get left behind, and the best way to ensure that you stay with the times is by using the most advanced technology.


Though some companies may prefer 360 Panorama, VISARD recommends that you use an interactive 3D presentation for your browser showroom. VISARD brings you the best quality of 3D visualization and ensures that you are an industry leader for years to come.

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