How to Use Interactive Content to Generate Tons of Leads

We’ve all seen it: the same boring web page. Maybe there’s some pictures and a wordy description.

Instead of telling your customers about your product, why don’t you show it to them? Well, by using interactive 3D content that employs cutting-edge VR technology, you can do just that.

We get it. It’s especially hard to generate leads in the engineering and industrial manufacturing business. The sales process is long and complicated, involves many parties, can take over a year to sell a single machine, and it might all fall apart at the last minute anyway. If only there was a way to sidestep this tiresome process and instead work with legit leads…

Web3D Showrooms

When a customer arrives on the landing page of your website, what’s the first thing that they see? Or, better yet, what do they experience? Instead of overloading them with blocks of complex text, try embedding an interactive 3D presentation on your page. Of course, you will need those detailed explanations at some point, but you want to put your best foot forward.

Remember, experience is the best teacher and it also creates the most vivid memories. Web3D puts the machine right in front of the prospective buyer. It let’s them observe it from every angle, activate its various functions, look at what’s going on inside, or even take it apart. You can even design your 3D visualization to act like a game. Make different objectives for the user to complete to give them a tour of all the presented features and to give them a lead-generating satisfied feeling.

Seal the Deal

Another great tactic for generating leads is to offer a sample or partial demo and then require the user to provide their contact information in order to access the full experience. That way you can easily follow up with them.

Your Web3D showroom should be a part of your overarching marketing strategy on your web page. Don’t forget to provide unique selling points (USPs), trust elements like testimonials, and a Call to Action (CTA) button that they can use to get in touch with you. Or, just use a complete Web3D presentation solution by VISARD that includes everything.


VISARD’s advanced VR technology is the perfect place to start if you’re ready to get to work on your very own 3D presentation. Our virtual systems can create a beautiful and engaging interactive 3D presentation that can be combined with real-time sales assistance through video chat.

In the 21st century, more and more business is heading to the digital sphere. Don’t get left behind—take advantage of the best lead generating tool that is changing the game for industrial sales and marketing.

If you’re curious about Web3D showrooms and are ready for the most advanced lead generating strategy that industrial engineering companies across the world are picking up, please feel free to reach out to us. And don’t forget to stay connected and keep your eye out for even more articles on B2B marketing for heavy engineering companies.

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