6 Kick-ass Advantages of 3D Visualization

It can be hard to describe complex machinery using words, drawings, or even photographs. These two-dimensional portrayals present a big challenge to our imaginations, and, oftentimes, don’t come close to telling the whole story.

3D visualization technology has rapidly developed in recent years to become cheaper, more accurate, and better overall. Using this tech, surface models are transformed into a 3D picture.

1. Stunning Visuals

These photo-realistic images deliver a view of a product that is second only to standing right in front of it. Purchasing industrial equipment is a serious investment, so your customers want to know that they’re getting the right stuff.

This is the best way to show them that you have it.

2. Discover Hidden Functions and Advantages

In some ways, 3D visualization can be even better than standing in front of the machine! This is because we can present some functions or perspectives that would otherwise not be visible.

You can show off the inner workings of the equipment and even give a step-by-step demonstration of its functions. This is a huge selling point.

3. Simplifies Marketing

The simplicity and beautiful visuals of high-quality 3D visualizations communicate in a way that nothing else can. Words, pictures, and videos can’t stand up to the incredible power of industrial 3D visualization.

This makes it easier to describe your product to the customer and, essentially, lets the machine sell itself. This machinery is often complex, so helping your customer understand exactly what’s going on gives you more leads and a higher conversion rate.

4. Cut Marketing Expenses

You save money by decreasing your budget for trade fairs by using a VR solution. Instead of hauling and maintaining demo equipment, simply pack your VR stand into your car.

Plus, these digital models are versatile and flexible. This means that you can use them for other promotions and even show them on any device, including computers, smartphones, and televisions.

5. Virtual Reality is Innovative Tech

You’ll also boost your corporate image to one that embraces modernity and innovation. Since VR is a cutting-edge technology, this affiliation with Industry 4.0 attracts customers.

Also, immersion in interactive 3D helps to focus on the machine itself. This competitive advantage means that your product will stay in the prospective buyer’s mind even after the demonstration is over.

Even if your customer doesn’t have a VR device, 3D visualization also works with smartphones and computer browsers.

6. Extended Learning Opportunities

Industrial 3D visualization gives your employees an incredible opportunity to get direct experience with the machinery without having to ever operate it. Rather than sit through a boring lecture or read an instruction manual, they get real training from real experience.

Studies show a 75% retention rate of VR training, compared to a measly 10% from conventional methods. This practice is totally safe, engaging, and can be used for testing and troubleshooting as well.

If you’re ready to get work on 3D visualization, contact VISARD. We bring a wealth of tech experience directly to the industrial engineering field.

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