WebGL Technology for Web3D Showrooms

One of the latest technologies to emerge for web browsers is called WebGL. This unique type of programming is able to create stunning visuals into an interactive 3D presentation. It is a standard API that directly renders 3D graphics straight into the web.

Rather than having to download a dedicated application or compromising with an inferior 360 panorama, visitors can now access a high-quality Wed3D showroom directly from their browser.

Advantages of WebGL

One of the main benefits of WebGL is its incredible wealth of detail. By using multiple render targets, we can easily render colors, textures, lighting, and more. This provides an outstanding level of clarity and makes it much easier for customers to understand your engineering equipment.

Another feature of WebGL, called instanced geometry drawing, allows you to present complex geometries without overburdening the CPU. This is especially useful for companies who want to be able to show off complex machinery on all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The new texture features in WebGL brings Web3D to life. This impressive 3D engine is the next best thing to standing right in front of the machine.

Lastly, WebGL technology allows developers to create a step-by-step guided demonstration that takes users through the entire range of the engineering equipment’s functionality. This gives customers an in-depth look at the machine in action.

A Browser-Based Solution

The most important aspect of this technology is that it is incredibly easy to access because it is a browser-based solution. The customer doesn’t need to download anything, and they don’t need special equipment.

This ease of use directly translates to generating more leads for your company. When someone visits your website, they don’t want to wait for an application to finish downloading and installing. They don’t want to have to switch devices either.

Web3D is the best way to show your customers the intricacies of your product easily. They can inspect it from every angle, take it apart, and even watch it perform its various functions in a 3D environment.


VISARD specializes in using WebGL to create amazing Web3D showrooms for leaders across the manufacturing and engineering industry. Nothing creates a better first impression than an amazingly life-like 3D presentation that can be accessed with a simple click. Learn for yourself why so many companies trust VISARD to create outstanding digital presentations of even the most complicated machines.

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